Visions and values


Our Visions and Values

We’re a family based company, rooted in ‘old school’ values.

But ‘old school’ doesn’t mean old fashioned. Indeed, there is now a new generation at the helm.

So cut us and we bleed ergonomics, the latest Health and Safety regulations, the Disability Act, hot desking, cool design and much more.

Ask us what counts as we do business we’ll tell you it’s –

  • Integrity – Telling the truth even when it hurts us
  • Independence – Being free from the strings of any manufacturer, supplier or contractor – so your needs can always come first
  • Innovation – Always looking to be ahead in design, products and service levels
  • Future focus – Working for long term and productive relationships with our clients and suppliers
  • Enthusiasm – To be honest, we just love what we do and what this achieves for others.