Design and Build


Design and build

Let’s face it, design and build is complex, needing the skilful coordination of a wide range of skills and crafts. And there is only one way to do it right.

However, the wrong way is how too many office design services work – scrambling to manage and schedule a variety of sub-contractors into the same space over a succession of days.

The outcome? Lost time. Pointy fingers when something goes wrong. Mega frustration. And the client’s money – yours – down the drain.

We don’t do office design and build that way.

The Creed-Miles 1x1x1 approach

We call our approach to office design and build ‘1x1x1’.

At your service is:

One work plan – Dovetailing everything and everyone. This is how we are able to have varied tradesman on site together whenever possible. Not under each other’s feet but working smart.

It’s our way of saving our time and your money. We’ve heard this approach called ‘parallel working’. We just call it common sense.

One team – The skilled professionals who’ll deliver your design and build are our people and form one team. They know and understand each other. Support and work for each other. And have done so for years.

This also puts all cost centres under one roof. No nasty surprises for anyone.

One project manager – Every army needs a commander in chief. All our design and build projects have one.

That gives you just one person to relate to – someone with the authority to make decisions on the go and a hotline to a director should the need ever arise.

We’ve proved that ‘1 work plan x 1 team x 1 project manager = success’ and a lot more. It’s the way to make sure your design and build dream doesn’t end up as a nightmare.