IT and Comms Relocation

IT and Comms Relocate

IT & Communication Infrastructure Specialists

Our technical partner, Green Lane Solutions, offer full IT and Comms Relocation Assistance and they are here to support you throughout your relocation or refurbishment project. Your Free IT Infrastructure Survey will highlight both the costs and time frames involved for any alterations or additions that may be required.

With IT and telephony being such a vital part of nearly every business, it’s important to get the right infrastructure in place in plenty of time for your intended move in date. It doesn’t matter how great your new office looks because without internet and working telephones, it’s not functional.

One of the most common reasons for a delay in occupation is due to voice and data circuits not being ordered in time, so talk to us early and please take the time to read our IT & Comms Relocation Check-list (Download here!)

Our approach to IT is consultative and non-prescriptive as many clients have their own IT Department. Our specialist knowledge and experience means we can highlight what Infrastructure is suitable and simply fill in any gaps that your resources can’t cover.

How does it work with Creed-Miles?

It all starts with a phone call to arrange an introductory meeting (usually under an hour) that will give us an opportunity to gain an understanding of what you want to achieve and take a quick look at your current “IT set-up”.

Whether you are upgrading an existing space and looking to change/add extra data ports, or you’re moving into a totally new space, we will then look to conduct your free IT Infrastructure Survey, which will allow us to see what’s already in place that can be reused and identify any issues that may cause concern.

From there we can offer suitable solutions to deliver a future proof infrastructure that will work for your business for many years to come. Where possible we will provide information on the options that are available, including all costs, time frames and any other relevant details.

Tendering – If your project requires a tendering process we would not only like to “compete” but would also be happy to discuss writing the specification for you.

Telephony – Whether you need to upgrade or change your telephone system or you just want to know what the big thing about VoIP, then give us a call as we’d be happy to help.

IT & Comms Relocation Check-list