Office Fit Out


Office Fit Out

Cut us and we bleed office fit out. It’s in our veins, having been at the leading edge for two generations.

That means we know how easy it would be for your own office fit out to end up unfit for purpose. With you wasting money and missing the opportunity to get it right.

Like all good office fit out contractors we’ll dig deep to find why ‘fit out office’ is on your to-do list and the dreams involved. End of lease? Needing more space? Time to freshen up? Or something else?

Then comes the distinct Creed-Miles touch, to bring you the very best solution for your needs. One that puts us ahead of other office fit out companies.

Fit for purpose

For us, every commercial office fit out involves –

•  Using our experienced eyes see what you can’t – saving you money, using space to the full, adding extra vavavoom for no extra cost

•  Helping you engage all the stakeholders – because, though fitting out offices by committee is a way to disaster, so is imposition

•  Planning every detail to minimise down time – with a dedicated project manager in charge every step of the way

•  Handling issues you may never have even heard of, from EU compliance, to health and safety and more

Put together it brings you the rich blend of experience, industry knowledge, fresh thinking, dedication to detail and commitment to do whatever it takes.

That’s why, when the dust has settled, your office fit out will truly be fit for purpose. Rather than giving you a blue fit.