Office Furniture

Contract Furniture

Office Furniture

The phrase ‘office furniture’ – ‘contract furniture’ to some – covers everything from chairs to desks, storage to reception areas, boardrooms to breakout areas.

And we have office furniture supplies like that on tap – at a specification and price to match whatever you need.

If fact, as office furniture suppliers, we have over 50,000 items always in stock.  We can even deliver fast. Install too if need be. All usually in 10 working days.

Depend on our independence

We are an independent provider of business office furniture – free from the shackles of any supplier. That puts an amazing range of office furniture solutions at your disposal –

  • From a single desk or chair to a fully space-planned installation.
  • From casual seating to functional call centres
  • From swish to utilitarian; conservative to hyper-modern
  • Even custom made

In a nutshell, when you are looking for an office furniture supplier, we have everything to match your budget and needs. End of.

Don’t let backache be a headache

As leading office furniture consultants, we know there’s far more to your office furniture needs than the look and the price.

Is it worker-friendly? Get it wrong and you’ll pay the price with absenteeism for backache, eyestrain and more.

Can it last? Durability is an essential part of the equation. How will it look and feel in five year’s time or more?

Will it fit? That’s our worry and not yours. We’ll fit it until it fits – perfectly.

For the total office furniture package give us a call.