Space Planning

Space Planning

Space Planning

At Creed-Miles our creative approach to office layout means we do the ‘quart in a pint pot’ act with ease. But that’s not where we stop, by any means.

Our conviction is that planning an office is also about –

  • Matching your kind of business to the right office space plan – from meeting areas to breakout space to storage to tea points.
  • Building in economy wherever possible – including easy access for computers and telephones, knowing they may not stay where they are for ever
  • Maximising staff performance – putting people where they need to be in a way that creates a productive, HR-friendly, environment

Looking to the future

You’ll also want your office space plan to create a layout with a clear eye on your future needs. This includes –

  • Giving you room to grow – or even contract
  • Building in flexibility so your office space plan can change as your business does
  • Making it possible for you to adapt to changing workplace practice

For two generations Creed-Miles have been delivering keenly pricedoffice layout planning with qualities like these. More than that, we have done so to the acclaim of satisfied clients large and small.

For us, space planning is both an art and a science. And, whatever your geography, we’d love to use both to help you make history.