Workplace Consultancy


Workplace Consultancy

Workplace consultancy is about helping you to make the most intelligent decisions possible about your workspace.

Think of us as a sponge that’s been soaking up knowledge, insight and expertise for two generations. And imagine us squeezing the very last drop all over your workplace design.

That’s how we function as workplace consultants. Helping you fine tune your use of space – whether relocating, building from new, or just needing to reconfigure.

How workplace consultancy works with Creed-Miles

When the right questions are asked, the best answers are possible. So that’s how we approach your workplace design.

The thorough process involves looking at – :

Your core business. What are your expectations for growth, retraction or adjustment to the balance of roles over the coming years?

Your aspirations. Are your first thoughts the best thoughts? What can we add from what we know that you could not be expected to?

Your conflicts. What resistance needs to be overcome among internal stakeholders or external legislators – including the Disability Act? And how can the dream be sold?

Your best solutions. Can the latest products and technology serve your workplace design in ways you might not even be able to imagine? Does everything have to be done now?

Who’s been this way before? What out of the many case histories of ours gives extra insights to situations like yours?

Your barriers and risks. Are you going to require planning permission or other statutory approvals? And what role do we need to play?

When this kind of clarity is in place, the best outcome can be delivered – through our design services, space planning, creative proposals and cost analysis.

All resulting in our workplace consultancy giving you the most cost effective and future-proof solutions for your office space.